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Parcel Mail Box


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Safely receive deliveries And letters when you are not at home. Manufactured from strong galvanised steel and finished in a contemporary black colour, the delivery box is powder coated with a rust resistant and weather resistant paint to ensure a lasting finish.

Easy to use, couriers lift the receiving hatch and post your parcels or letters into the box. Once the hatch is closed, your deliveries then move to the secure compartment below. An anti-fishing mechanism is in place to ensure deliveries cannot be accessed through the receiving hatch. Once you return home, simply use your unique access key to retrieve your mail and deliveries.

Suitable for small houses and apartments, the medium Smart Parcel Box can receive multiple parcels at one time and with a maximum parcel size of 32 x 20 x 12 cm. Supplied with fixtures and fittings, it is advised that you check that these are suitable for your property before installing.


Features & details

  • Medium Smart Parcel and letter Box measuring W440 x D350 x H580 mm. Easily receive multiple deliveries every day from multiple couriers when you are not at home.
  • Outdoor parcel box manufactured from high grade, weatherproof, anti-rust coated galvanised steel, accepts large parcels measuring up to 320mm x 205mm x120mm. Each box features a unique barcode that can be recorded or scanned as proof of delivery.
  • A safe and secure parcel drop box, the Smart Parcel Box features an anti-fishing design so that delivered parcels can only be retrieved from the holding compartment using your unique key.
  • Parcel box designed for wall installation, it is recommended that you install at an optimal posting level (5ft) for extra security and ease of delivery.

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